Southold gives final approval to whopping 8% tax increase!

Christmas came early for the Southold bureaucrats and residents of Southold got coal after the Town Board approved a budget-busting 8% tax increase on Tuesday.

“You know one thing I’m going to announce is next year you’re not going to get your rebate…your $150, your $200. it’s gone because of the actions we’re taking tonight,” said Supervisor Scott Russell before voting yes at the Nov 16, 2016 budget hearings over the objections of residents who complained the couldn’t afford the hike.

He was quick to hand over your rebate check, but voted himself a 2% raise!

Supervisor Robert Ghosio was the only one who voted no on the increase, citing the budget-busting impact on residents who testified.

The budget raised salaries across the board, jack up health insurance, spent almost half million on new police radios and then budgeted a full remodel of the dispatch room, and raided the preservation fund while sticking you with the bill.

On one hand, Russell claimed this was an “all at once” increase, but less than 5 minutes later he explained that there are more increases coming next year.

Russell even had the nerve to brag at the meeting that this year’s actions mean they will be able to raise taxes even more next year because of the cumulative nature of the tax cap calculation!

Say-anything Scott Russell is a typical self-serving politician who cares more about growing his fiefdom than he does about our community.

Southold town and the supervisors work for us, not the other way around. Sign up today so we can act with once voice!