Southold Sets in Motion Dumpster Elimination Act

Don’t like taking your Yellow Bags a half-hour to the town dump? Are you elderly and have trouble schlepping these bags across town? Do you just like the convenience of a dumpster?

Well you’re out of luck.  Southold town board last night voted unanimously to move forward with their seemingly innocuous amendment to the town code that requires dumpsters to adhere to certain standards.  Sounds reasonable, but the devil is in the details.

This plan will cost the average homeowner thousands in upgrades if they’re lucky enough to have a spacious enough lot to comply with these burdensome and overbearing regulations.  If not, then they’re forced to put trash into their car and drive across town to the money-losing, tax-wasting town garbage facility to try to plug the gaps.  Budget documents show that if we eliminated the town garbage facility, we could actually eliminate this year’s entire tax increase!

But instead our elected officials decide to throw good money after bad, and put saving face for their past mistakes above prudent people-first decision-making.

Watch the town meeting here: Southold Town Meeting December 20, 2016