Orient Point Lighthouse

One of our neighbors, Michael Hartofilis , asked about the Orient Point lighthouse and suggested it needs a new paint job.

Many know the Federal Government tried to sell the lighthouse several times.  After several failures by the feds to sell the property, it appears from the records that ownership is now maintained by the State of New York.

However a private citizen, Randy Polumbo, has been given the sole right to “right, privilege and easement for the use and maintenance of the Orient Point Lighthouse, hold and maintain…”(emphasis mine) the lighthouse for 25 years at a cost of $1,000 per year through a deed filed with the Town of Southold: Orient Point Lighthouse Deed

So who is Randy Polumbo, and what are his plans for maintaining the lighthouse?

According to his website, “Randy Polumbo lives and works in New York City and Joshua Tree, California as a visual artist, master builder, and sometime designer.”

He describes himself as “Part mad scientist…” whose “Design projects typically include recycled, repurposed, and green elements…”

We have reached out to the famous builder and architect to hear what he plans to do with the lighthouse and if he has plans to paint it, but we haven’t heard back.

We will update you if we do.